Thursday, 19 July 2012

Customer Recommendations Beats Other Marketing By A Mile For SME Businesses

When marketeers approach a small business it is wise to bear in mind they will exist initially due to word of mouth recommendation than any other marketing medium.
When was the last time you recommended a business just because you wanted too?

We all say we will recommend our local guys but unless they ask us we plain forget. So the challenge for the business owner is not to be good enough to recommend but to be good enough at asking in the right way to get recommended.

Depending on the product and market One of the social platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or You Tube should fit.
Once the best of these has been selected then the right approach must be implemented and remember.

"Interaction Creates Consumer Action"

The better the relationship you build with existing customers the more they come back and use you.

For more on how to do this get in touch :-)

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