Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The right tools and planning makes social media easy

Have you ever wondered how the big boys manage to do so much more with their marketing?
It's a bit like the difference between a builder who does a good job and one who does a great job. A lot of the time it's down to the kit they use.
If they are bothered enough to get the best kit to do the job then they are bothered enough to do more with it.
The same with marketing if you are bothered enough to get the right tools you should be bothered enough to make the most of them.
Many of them use sophisticated CRM systems that allow them to follow up and measure responses to campaigns what are you using?
Social media has become a massive tool for many and managing it has become one of the biggest headaches for them.
To manage a social campaign it's all about how you set it up. Most platforms have apps that interact with other platforms allowing single postings to appear in multiple locations. There is however a danger of creating a loop which causes it's own issues.
Most businesses fall down by missing the most important part which is monitoring and responding to people's comments. This is why it's called social media.
If you need any help with organising your campaigns we can help so give us a call.

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