Wednesday, 4 January 2012

When You Get your Marketing Right People Just Appear Everywhere

Why is it that people suddenly appear in the strangest places? Coincidence is there such a thing?

Have you ever decided to buy a certain kind of car and suddenly there are hundreds of them passing you every day? This can be classed as coincidence or as many people understand it's more an awareness thing its being open to the opportunity of it.

Do you remember the unlucky guy in Paul McKenna's programme about the "Lucky Dog Statue"? His problem wasn't about being unlucky but not being open to the idea that good luck was all around him until he became aware of it. The same happens for the car above and for business opportunities to grow. You have to take action to create the interest then you have to be open to the possibilities of the business coming in.

I have as you are probably aware been taking action to interact with many Leicester businesses through numerous ways to create the interest in joining me to build something special. I have networked, taken voluntary roles with organisations, helped charities, spoken to many on a one to one basis and been very active on Social Media.

I have been working very much at bringing benefit to the Leicester Businesses by building a Community of Excellence to serve the people of the city. This is made up of independent locally recommended businesses so we know they are providing great customer service.

Sounds pretty straight forward until you try to do it, then you find it's like moving a super tanker you have to keep pushing forwards without any noticeable change for months, then it moves a little and then a little more and now it's got momentum and growing naturally.

As a result of all my efforts and being open to possibilities I am now finding exactly the kind of businesses we want just turning up and contacting me. The human nature of curiosity is amazing as people notice me in one network they want to connect with me through another and then another until before you realise it you know each other well and doing business becomes second nature.

This is all brought about by lots of little efforts of engagement on my part as adding value to them and the more value I add the more they want to join in what I'm doing. This build a mutual respect between me and the prospects as it becomes obvious that by doing business with me we both gain which is how it should be.

Now people are connecting on LinkedIn and then through Twitter and then seeking me out on Facebook, sometimes through a chance meeting in the streets of Leicester or at a networking event but the result is the same. Look out for those opportunities to add value to everyone you meet and before long the same will happen for your business.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. P.S. Remember you have a choice how you feel about things in life don't let others or the inner voice of doubt stop you from being who you really are! Enjoy life and have a great day... :-)

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