Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Why MacDonalds Is NOT The Place To Meet For Business!!

MacDonalds has managed to market itself fantastically well to the consumer on all levels and you have to take your hat off to them.

When they announced the "Cloud WiFi" had been installed I thought wow they are now looking to get businesses involved and build up a loyalty from them too. I can't deny it I was impressed and thought they were a forward thinking company.

Until NOW due to their issues with car parking they have instructed "MET Parking Services Ltd" to discourage their customers by enforcing very unfair parking fines.

I have recently discovered that they have a strict rule on car parking which means that unless you can all turn up at exactly the same time and get parked and leave within a 60 / 75 / 90 min restriction then there is no point trying to meet there. It may be that this is their goal and driving the business man away from their eateries even late at night is what they want to do.

A £4.39 meal can very quickly turn into a £104.39 meal if you don't keep an eye on the time, I know it's fast food but then why have WiFi in the first place?

See this clip from Watchdog in 2010 where members of the public have been heavily peanalised for using the restaurant more than once in a short period too.


They have gained a parking fine of cash from this "PAST" customer and lost a lifetime of future sales. Not such good marketing in the end then because they stopped valuing their customers and focussed on dealing with a small issue by force not power.... What your customers say about your business is far more powerful than anything you can say whether that be positive or NEGATIVE!

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