Saturday, 27 August 2011

WH Smith customers lose out to small print with McDonald's special offers

Here is a classic example of how large companies use psychology of the British shopper to get more sales.
McDonald's will have researched what % of WH Smith customers also buy from them. Then in an attempt to increase sales they have an exclusive offer for their customers. Which is where the vouchers being handed out all over the country come into play.
On the face of it this looks great until you go to redeem your offer.
On the small print you can see " not valid at restaurants with a drive through "
How many  McDonald's do you know that "DONT" have a drive through?
If you went to use an offer but found out at the counter you couldn't would you go or pay the full price?
Answer these questions and you will see how making you feel awkward will get them more sales.
On the plus side for those who read the offer correctly sales in the towns and cities high streets should increase and the consumer will be happy too.
The offers are good value and legitimate the term of the exclusion is where the issues lie.

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