Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Realtime Is The Marketing Of Today And It's Driven By Customer Opinion

Remember the days when you could put together your brand and marketing plans to tell people why they should buy from you?
Good old days weren't they?
But then your clients got smarter and wiser they no longer rely on you to tell them what to buy and when to buy. They now all research products, companies and service reports before they consider parting with their hard earned cash.
There are many businesses out there who are unaware of the new realtime movement in their customer bases I hope you are not one of them.
We all want reassuring that we are making the right choice in everything we do right?
Well so do your customers that's why they will look to see what your other customers are saying and they want it "Now" not in three days they want to know what your latest customer thought of your service "Today!"

With the internet there is so much information available for people to make informed choices from reviews on sites such as "Trip Advisor" "Amazon" "Ebay" "Thbestof" "Trusted Reviews" and many many more.

This is so important that you must not miss this:

"Your Brand is not owned by YOU it belongs to Your CUSTOMERS and what they say about you will either build or destroy YOUR BRAND in the market place"

This might seem a bit harsh to you but think about it sensibly, how they feel about your service and products is a direct reflection of how your business is performing. It's the mirror image of what you have created and is therefore information you MUST make sure you know.

Customer interaction will ensure you know your business and can continuously improve your business to match your customers needs desires and wants. Set up a system of customer feed back and don't be afraid of negative comments as they may be solutions to your biggest growth and opportunity.

With the positive comments make sure you get them out into the market place and attribute them to whoever made them. Include testimonials in your web content, flyers, brochures, newspaper adverts, radio adverts and remember to put them up in your place of work for everyone to see. It's amazing how a good testimonial about a member of staff can boost their moral and self belief and their work rate and customer service....

That's enough from me for now so go away and put your system in place and measure the change in your business.

Enjoy Great Things... you deserve to

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