Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Community Marketing and what it really means to you

Well this is where marketing has been heading for some time.
There have been so many clever people showing how you can make people believe you are this or are that.
The old addage of people buy people is so much truer today than it has ever been. Your community buy from you first and foremost or rather it's what you stand for that they buy.
If you are looking for a one off sale then traditional advertising and marketing can work for you buy even then people research.
When was the last time you bought something new without checking it out on the internet or with a friend or member of the family?
Facebook and Twitter have formed their own communities and this kind of thing is going on all the time. So if you are not in touch you have no way of making sure your voice is heard.
From a business point of view interaction and communication have become the keys to success and these are major parts of community marketing. Positioning yourself as the expert in your field AND someone you can trust to do the best by their customers.
This isn't about being clever or trickery it's about being true to you, your business and your community whether it be a local community or an online community.
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